The Program for the Rehabilitation of Survivors of Torture “Prometheus”, funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation from June 2017 through May 2018, is implemented by the Greek Council for Refugees (GCR) and the Babel Day Centre/Syn-eirmos in co-operation with the Medecins Sans Frontieres (program for the support of immigrants and refugees that have been subjected to torture or ill-treatment).

The purpose of the program is to provide holistic services for the recovery from the consequences of torture suffered by asylum seekers and refugees, on a legal, social, psychological and medical level. Interdisciplinary cooperation is the key tool for achieving this goal.


The number of countries in which citizens were tortured over the past year


The number of different physical tortures that have been documented


Years since the United Nations Convention against Torture entered into force


The number of victims treated during the 1st semester of Prometheus


Of all refuge seekers have fallen victims of torture


Prometheus stole the fire from the Gods and gave the light to the people. For this Zeus sentenced him to eternal torment and every day an eagle was sent to feed on his liver.

Prometheus is the symbol of suffering and torture but also the symbol of bringing knowledge and wisdom. For this reason we chose Prometheus from the Greek mythology for our project on alleviating the suffering for torture victims but also to educate and bring new knowledge to Greek professionals in the area of rehabilitation of torture victims.

The Documentary
“THOSE WHO SURVIVED – Stories of dignity”



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