Prometheus II

The project “Prometheus ΙΙ” is implemented by the Greek Council for Refugees in collaboration with Babel Day Center, the NGO REDPRESS, the center for Trauma Asylum and Refugees – University of Essex and the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey.

The project’s duration is 18 months.

The aim of “Prometheus II” is to further enhance the rehabilitation services established under the “Prometheus I” project and secure that victims of torture in Greece receive holistic and specialized rehabilitation services.

The project has the following 3 specific objectives:

  • Further specialization of the Rehabilitation Unit for victims of torture,
  • Enhancement of the national capacity to provide holistic services to victims of torture,
  • Awareness-raising concerning the needs of victims of torture.

Αadditionally, a selected group of professionals participated in trainings in order to gain specialized knowledge on the provision of interdisciplinary services to victims of torture.

As part of their work with victims of torture, Greek Council for Refugees and Babel Day Center-Sineirmos are cooperating with Doctors without Borders who provide medical services to victims of torture.

For further information please visit the project’s website: