The consequences of torture are very individual and will remain a part of the life of every victim or torture survivor. The consequences can be physical as well as psychological and have to be treated by professional and trained experts.

Torture can have long term physical and psychological consequences on the victims.
The physical as much as the psychological consequences, including disabilities, post traumatic stress disorder, increased anxiety, insomnia, depression, a feeling of guilt, shame or humiliation and other such psychological disorders may have severe consequences on the survivors of torture.

These consequences need to be discovered and addressed through the provision of assistance and rehabilitation measures.


Prometheus aim to improve and enhance the knowledge about torture in Greece and to establish a network of young professionals that work or are likely to work with torture victims.

The program’s professionals have also received training on the identification and rehabilitation procedures and how to use a cross-disciplinary approach in the treatment of torture victims.

The training was provided among others by the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey, REDRESS, as well as the project’s partner DIGNITY in cooperation with experts from Greece.

The program’s professionals are in turn sharing the knowledge and experience that they have obtained throughout the years holding seminars and lectures aimed at field professionals both in Greece and abroad.