The Rehabilitation Unit consists of 2 physicians, 2 psychologists,
1 social worker and 1 lawyer. The Unit examines the victim and together the members of the Unit prepare a rehabilitation plan for the individual.

The Unit provides, indicatively, the following services:

  • Facilitate the issuing of official legal documents which certify the torture experience, to be used during the asylum procedure, and/or other administrative or legal needs.
  • Provide legal advice and support to victims of torture during the asylum procedure and the recognition of their legal status in Greece.
  • Provide medical and pharmaceutical treatment.
  • Provide psychological support and treatment.
  • Provide social support to facilitate access to various services, as well as to facilitate beneficiaries’ integration into Greek society.
  • The Unit depends on the work of the interpreters, ensuring a multidisciplinary and coordinated intervention for the identification of torture victims and in order to suitably and comprehensively answer to beneficiaries’ individual needs.
  • Each and every professional, organization, public structure or service, that comes into contact with potential victims, or survivors of torture, but do not have specialized services for the identification, the support and rehabilitation of this target group, can refer them to us.
  • A meeting with the social workers for their registration, and a subsequent meeting with a doctor, psychologist and/ or lawyer, according to individual needs will be arranged.


Three different actors combine their expertise in mutually complementary fields providing the best possible results. Babel with a focus on psychological support of immigrants, DIGNITY that fights torture all over the world since 1974 and GCR with long experience on supporting refugees and people entitled to protection. Meet each one here:



3 Actors → 1 Partnership = Enhanced Capabilities

Prometheus Project is an initiative supported by the European Commission and coordinated by GCR. For the implementation of the project, the cooperation of the three aforementioned actors was deemed appropriate. DIGNITY provides its expertise on combating torture and the training to pass along this knowledge, while Babel and GCR add the indispensable local ownership element and the crucial field work. All partners adhere to the same principles and follow similar missions. The partnership has made each partner richer and multiplied the positive effects of the Project. Even after the completion of Prometheus, the network established with this partnership will remain in place and allow an open and beneficiary communication and exchange of practices among the three actors.

A big thank you from GCR to all partners for a great cooperation!