Are you a survivor of torture?

If you can answer yes to some of the following questions you may be a survivor of torture.

  • 1

    Have you suffered severe physical and/or mental violence or witnessed the torture of others?

  • 2

    Was the violence inflicted by or with the consent of public officials or other persons acting in an official capacity?

  • 3

    Was the violence inflicted intentionally and with the aim to

    • obtain from you or persons close to you information or a confession,
    • punish or take revenge on you for an act you or persons close to you have committed or are suspected of having committed,
    • intimidate or coerce you or persons close to you, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind?
  • 4

    Did this experience leave you any physical problem or disability?

  • 5

    After this experience do you suffer from repeated flashbacks, severe anxiety, incapacity to sleep or to rest properly, deep sadness, memory lapses, or feeling guilty and shame of what you were subject to?

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